Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hello and welcome to the introduction to “A Plan for this Man and his Cans.” Like so many food blogs out there I will be taking you on a culinary journey. But unlike most food blogs, that go out and try engaging recipes with loads of ingredients and prep time, I have gone (as I have so many times before), the quicker route and have decided to follow “A Man, A Can, A Plan”.

50 recipes, 50 days. Is every recipe going to be a mouthwatering dish that I will keep in my repertoire? Oh no, not at all. In fact there are some dishes that include foods I strongly dislike. I will also be feeding these foods to my family; my wife, Sarah, who is pregnant with our second child, and my two year old son, Corbin, who has quite a fickle palette. A Cheez-it you find in the carpet is okay, but don’t you dare serve him inexpensive sandwich meats! How dare you, sir! And to round out my taste testers I have my sister, Amy, and her two children, Michelle and Frank. Not only are they into most bizarre foods, but serving it to them it will cut down on leftovers.

So climb aboard and let’s embark on this journey together. Oh, and if you are wondering where I got this idea, please watch the video below.